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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

multiple layer..

Last 2 nights, we had 'kawad' for our class at night(thank God at night!!), i really can't figure it out what's the main purpose for doing that class which interrupting my schedule and my time to rest at night..i've been assigned into the first group..(we're the BEST, right?)just talking to myself-----but really at first, our group is not that good but after a few minutes practicing...POOF!!our group is the BEST!..ha.ha...(hilarious).
I'm quite curious, why the ladies(use this term because we're an adult now) cannot lift up their leg like the men?(just giving an opinions)..because when i was in f4 in high school, i've entered a marching competition and i saw girls(that time, we're still children) can lift up their leg like the men.So, why ladies in the Uniten cannot lift their leg?Just because they're ladies, we must exclude them for just that damn reason?

p/s: no hard feelings 'ladies'..sorry..this is just an honest opinion from me.


I've been moody in this 2 days..i really don't know why am i acting like this..maybe i'm mad to 'someone' or i'm just a bit sensitive.
Or because too much assignment to be made..especially Business Maths and Accounting..too much-too many-a lot of-lots of-uncountable-WTF-WTH-WTS-i don't know any other words/sentences that can describe more about the assignments.


Today's quiz(costing) and lecture(costing) really make me *happy* because the quiz is so damn easy and the lecture for today is so easy to understand compared the previous one.

-----------------------------THE END-------------------------------

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