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Friday, December 11, 2009

Once upon a time...

Jumaat's updates,

* woke up at 12 and went for Solat Jumaat
* Burned Subuh again (x mandi wajib lg)
* went to bank to topup my 'modal'
* and after that went ti 'kedai batu' behind Wisma to 'tapow' some food
* saw OKU, Iz and Stunky
* arrived at home and watch malay's drama Tv3 while eating
* 'rendam' baju for next week
* now i'm here infront of this laptop, lyn facebook and manga jap, and now is typing for my next boring post..

Many of my friends went home for this week including Safuan, my housemate, a bit boring and sorrow la bistari..and my broadband become 'laju' undoubtedly because there's few people using the line, so that's why.
If this afternoon not so hot or wet, maybe i go out for jogging.
so, after i've finished typing, play PSP ^ ^

bye(sorry la xde idea nk tulis ape)

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