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Saturday, December 19, 2009

What a lovely day

Mornin' everyone!

i woke up early today and didn't miss my Subuh prayer ATLAST!..haha..don't know what to do la..watching this movie, 2012 right after Subuh that my friends saved it into my laptop..

The movie is quite interesting as it is about THE END OF THE WORLD which is all not true or we can called it superstitious, but some part of the story is a bit true. It's true that the world has her own limit of ages but the time is not exactly on 20/12/12 because we don't know exactly when is the time the world reach her own limit but in Quran, there's said that the world will near her end after all the bad things or "ma'siat" have spread rapidly all over the world until "ma'siat" take over the world as you can see now. War is every where to see if you see that always involves the Muslims such as Pakistan, Iraq, and Baitul Maqdis.

As you can see, the Judaism is now are making their moves after all their preparation has been made. As example, they'd used the mind control as their method to make people trust in them and obey all of their orders..that's cruel and unfair!!
F**k Judaism!

Because they know their religion will last until the Judgement Day with the Islam, so they have take their steps in confronting this matter.
I think this is enough..Go to hell Judaism!

P/s: No offense! haha..sorry



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