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Thursday, December 17, 2009

I think I've lost her..~

I don't know why and how?..but to me, i think i give up on her and just let it be..frustration~pulling me back from getting heart spoke to me that i need to let go of her and stop chasing her..

Maybe that's my destiny and there's no way i could help it..i'd stop SMS-ing with her anymore, only when there're important things to ask i called just to ask her about the 'doa akhir tahun at Wisma' and she didn't pick up my call and i felt frustrated...

No matter what i do, i don't know how to show her that i like her, but there's one night, i've confessed to her that i like her, but no answer from her, and after i told her that, since that very moment, she stopped contacting me anymore..

My mother said, "there's a lot of  ladies in this world, and your age is only 18 and there is lot of things you need to get through, your journey is still far".

Maybe this is the end...bla..bla..bla..
I think i should just study and stop thinking about having accompany in your life by a special person except FRIENDS!

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