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Saturday, December 26, 2009

What a rainy day

i'm feeling to write my blog in BM, as you know that i create this blog just to have people read about my life and majorly to improve my english, that's all. so, today i will write in bahasa+rojak.

Today i've managed to siapkan all of my assignments, ekonomi dgn business maths. For economy assignment, i didn't believe that aku boleh siapkan in a blink of an eye without anybody's help. Since aku masuk Uniten ni, my life's totally change, i became a very hardworking person and i can do it all the homework by myself. Dulu time skolah dulu, aku usually borrow my friend's homework because i don't have the konfiden dlm diri sendiri, what if i write the wrong answer?(berkata-kate di dalam hati), but all this thing had dispersed from my life ever since i stepped my foot on the UNI World..haha

Hari ini, aku mahu pergi ke Carnival/pasar sehari untuk membeli makan malam, tetapi hujan tlh menghalang aku drpd keluar dari apartment ini. Jd, i have to wait the rain to stop. Menu utk mkn tengahari aku ialah maggi goreng, i tried to save my money right now. Duit dh kering sbb beli benda yg not suppose aku beli..regretful-painful-empty stomach and lots of more.

Weekend ni is the same as the other weekend, let me tell you the common things that i do the whole weekend:
1. basuh baju+hang
2.on9 facebook and ym, tulis blog
3. main PSP
4. tgk TV
5. pegi Carnival
6. wat asignment (klu ade)
7. went to pekan to topup modal prepaid(klu abis)
8. kemas bilik klu rajin
9. tgk movie (klu dh abes dl)
10. tido (klu penat)
12. read Quran (klu dh rase keinsafan dlm diri)
13. the last option>>MENCANGAK

All of these are the common things that i did every weekend, boring isn't it?
Nk wat ape lg...tu je yg aku mampu..haha

that's enough for this post..haha..


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