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Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Post

Peace be with you,

it's 4.00 in the morning,this is my first post for this third blog of mine, actually i had 3 blogs including this. The first one was unsuccessful, the second one was a bit ok but i don't give a damn to it, so it's still rubbish. So, i hope that this blog can make me feels long-lasting interest to write in it.

By the way, in my first post, there's no hot story that i can tell about, my weekend is still boring like always>>no homework, playing PSp, watching TV, wash clothes (the same thing i did every weekend).

first of all, my name is izzat, Uniten student, Foundation in Accounting,staying in Shah Alam,18

i'm trying to close my eyes now and get some sleep, need to wake up early in the morning, lot of chores i need to settle.

bye bye

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