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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lot and lots of assignment

It felt so peculiar to see my schedule for the whole week..mcm shial.
throughout the week, there's lot of assignment to do, but on the weekend, we just sit in front of the tv and said "bile nk ade cite best ni?", that's my routine for every weekend.
When there's none, i grab my PSP and play the Yu gi oh thing, Khai went sleeping and Safuan pula sit in front of his desk and play with his hand phone (disturbing the girls, maybe).

Today, i'm planning to settle all of my assignment in one day, because i need to do revision for accounting because there's midterm on Wednesday next week.
For me, accounting is a bit tough than the others, so i need to prepare my damn umbrella( before it's raining+kilat+guruh, so that's why.

Now, i'm struggling to understand+final blow the costing even it makes me f**cking confused. Costing is easy to understand, but if the question twist a little bit, same goes to my head..haha.

I need a catalyst to boost up my energy to accomplish my goal, but the catalyst (refer to a person) is now gone for awhile..bla..bla..bla..

If i don't care about all these damn things, i would say " MAM LA SUME NI!!"

but the fact is, i do care about all of these because for the sake of my mom, she said to me,"blaja rajin2, dptkan 4 flat and kalahkan the chinese,"
so, by hook by crook, i need to settle it.

p/s: pg td aku bgn subuh kot..gile bhai..ade improvement di situ.. haha

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