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Thursday, December 24, 2009

A clear sky day...

Time: 4.22 PM
Date: 24/12/09
Venue: Bistari Apartment (in the room)
Weather's condition: not so bad la..shady

I woke up 3 times after every time my alarm shouted at me, but my body won't let me. So, i slept until 8.30AM when zaim called me to breakfast with him. 

I'm too exhausted thinking about my costing midterm yesterday, how so frustrated i am when i can't answer all the questions properly makes me feel so damn worried, until right now. Too bad that i just studied 'ala kadar' and the results, i faced difficulties in the exam, my bad. There's nothing i could do to fix this thing.

But, one thing that makes me pissed off a little, when i ask my lecturer about how hard is the paper and she said to me, "Ala..kamu bace saje sume tutorial yg kamu dh buat kat klas,". Then i did what she told me to, but all the questions that came out are all damn rubbish. Not one question that is similar to what we did in class. 

So, yesterday ended in a cold way.

After breakfast, i went to zaim's room to play siege towers (DOTA) tru LAN. Kalah terok..haha..first timer kot..xpe2..bleh'll see

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