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Monday, December 7, 2009

Started to pening+gila

Firstly, today's Business Maths lecture just like hell confused..the word is just one, 'matrices'. You must think that this is kinda easy because we already learn it when we're in the high school..but this thing now is quite confusing after we learn it further..just like me, i think it's also easy but the real thing is, this thingy needs a little focus and attention as all of its number makes all of us 'pusing-pusing'.

p/s: next week for Business Maths' class CANCEL!!YES!!

that's enough for lecture stories...

we had a JPA meeting just now at AA building with Puan Noormala Ahmad, our guardian for the JPA students. We complain about the Business Maths' tutor, i hate her conducting our tutor session for Business Maths, she likes to act like she knows everything(maybe la), perhaps i've been mistaken, but really i hate her style of teaching..maybe she knows about it but she couldn't barely explain it to us...her eyes(juling2) make everybody scared behind all reasons..haha..WTF..

k la..i want to take a nap..penat giler jalan kaki dari Dewan Ilmu ke AA building, very panas kot..i've wasted a lot of my energy today just by walking far-distance..damn..

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  1. cess,,
    kureng nye student,,
    hnta kt ISA taw la!


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