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Monday, December 21, 2009

East Coast Wind..

Rain and rain again..every time i opened my window i will only see the cloud is always ominous. Now it's hard to do my chores > wash clothes, i don't have any idea on how to make my clothes dry at a faster rate like in 4 hours, 36 minutes and 30 seconds(total duration it needs to dry based on my calculation..bla..bla..).. in this wet season..haha
The weather is always wet and it's hard to go out from my apartment. I borrow a scooter from my so-called friends, anis, actually khai did the borrowing thing not me..haha..i'm very shy 'kot' ngan ladies ni..heheh..even though i don't have a motor license but for car, it is yes. My mom x kasi kot bwk motor...dangerous and cpt mampos..but it's a fun thing to do, u can feel the gile dowh..

Even though with the motor, i still can get wet. Many people will say, "why you don't take the Uniten Bus?". The Uniten went  service 'kot' for 4 days, so during that time lg la ssh nk kuar..but Muadzam pon, there's nothing interesting to see, rural gile bhai..

Just know we plan to cancel the trip to Pulau Tioman because the cost is very expensive. Each person must spend about RM370 for 3 days and 2 nights at Pulau Tioman. We tried to find sponsorship, we need to make a social service in order to acquire that sponsor. The people in charge takkan nk kasi utk kite bersuka ria jek..must have a thing that is related to education or give benefits to us or vice versa. As Mya, one friend of mine suggest that we should cancel that trip and go for Genting (pulak dh), the cost is much cheaper that the previous one.

i'm going to 'ponteng' Kor Uniten class boring la that's like that we're learning something that is not very important like marching, ikat kain anduk and other thing. All these things are not related to my course eventhough it is important for our everyday life, but i don't give a damn to all of these shit, wasting my time.
i'm going to study costing for my midterm this Wednesday and accounting for my quiz tomorrow..

That's all folks,


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