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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When my hand started to shake

While holding the Stabilo Exam Grade 2B( i just lost it after exam), in front of the neat&clean little exam paper for midterm test, i don't know why it just happened to me like i'm freaking nervous,mm..yes i am!

When I open the paper my heart beats up faster than usual like it want to scream out of my body and said,"WHAT THE F**K IS THIS?!", the question was so tough like last final exam paper, but i think it's tougher. The depreciation on question 1 caused my hand shivering like i was in  a small room with air-conditioned and it's tuned to 0 degrees Celsius which is equal to 32 Fahrenheit, if i'm not mistaken.

But, the fact is, the DP1(Dewan exam) is so hot like hell even though the air conditioner is turned on+ the fan is turned on, but still the room is like a sauna to me.

All of the question are tough, i've managed to answer all of the question, but i'm not confident for the depreciation question, and the last question, i forgot to include the discount received, i'm totally forgot about it because i'm thinking about the disclosure thing, almost forgot to record the discount.
Silly me..arghh...damn..go to hell la all of these shit, the midterm for account is what's the big deal?..just forget about it..
Every time I think about this, it makes my head pains, so the solution, forget the past and Keep Moving Forward!! 

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